About me

My name is Nardos Tekle. I was born on the 15th of February 1994. I am Eritrean by blood, but I can safely say that I have had the best of all worlds (as far as culture goes) due to moving around the world.

I am the youngest of two siblings whom I adore so dearly! My sister Selam and my Brother Abel. Selam is 5 years older than me while Abel is 7 years older than me. They both moved out when they turned 18 and we haven’t seen each other since.


Selam (left) & I (right)

I now live in Norway with my mother and my beloved cat (Arthur) in a small city called Egersund. I am currently on my last year of my A-level program. This fall will hopefully be the beginning of an adventure that I will never forget! COLLEGE!






Arthur & I

On this site I plan to share with the rest of the world, my journey through life and all its joy, struggles and lessons. Stay tuned!

Nardos Tekle


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