A little bit of Norwegian

Russ: A traditional celebration for Norwegian upper secondary students in their final spring semester.  More about this tradition HERE.

Wednesday was the official opening for Russ. This celebration normally starts on the first of May – 17 of May, but different schools have their own way of celebrating this time. Russ can in way be compared to spring break in the States, except that the parties here are 10 000 times harder. There are no rules, no boundaries and everything is acceptable!

Our baptism was on Wednesday (1.05.2013), and I was baptized as MISS DIOR.  Here is how the  baptism works: your friends come up with a nickname for you and send it our priest before the actual baptism. On the actual day, you get 10 seconds to drink a drink (0,33) of your choice (except water), whatever is left is then poured on your head and the priest gives you your hat with your nickname on it. I was unfortunately not able to drink up 0,33 of DR. PEPPER in 10 seconds. The remaining little was poured on my hair, and I was officially baptized MISS DIOR!

A couple of friends and I went to a Chinese restaurant after the baptism, and then ended our day by watching Iron Man 3 (EPIC!). All in all, it was an amazing day, well spent!!

P.S. Here are some pictures of how my overalls look like 🙂

2013-05-03 12.11.59           2013-05-03 12.13.06

2013-05-03 11.16.06

2013-05-03 12.12.42  2013-05-03 12.13.142013-05-03 12.12.13


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