5 Lives that will Inspire you

1)  Benjamin Franklin

Benjamin Franklin is at the top of the list because he is a self-made man. Many people I have meet don’t understand why I lookup to Benjamin Franklin as an inspiration, and a lot of them believe that  he was somewhat “insane”. Here is why I find Benjamin Franklin and his life inspiring: all the things he has accomplished. It will take me forever to list down Franklin’s accomplishments, but the point is that this man managed to accomplish a GREAT number of things in one life while many of us struggle to get out of bed in the mornings. When I find myself complaining and whining about my life, I try to think of Franklin and his accomplishments. This is a man who had control of his life, a man who knew exactly what he wanted and a man who proved that with hard work and dedication, comes success.


2)  Mahatma Gandhi

Anyone who knows me well enough knows who much I look up to Gandhi. I have read a million books about his life and his work, I have had a million presentations about his life and accomplishments and I have written countless of essays about him. He is a man who changed himself and his entire life, just so he could change the world. Gandhi makes me what to be a better person, the best version of myself. Imagine what the world would be like if we had more Gandhis….


3) Bob Marley 

The reason I consider Bob Marley’s life to be inspiring is simple. His songs. Bob Marley used his songs as a weapon for freedom. He helped people realize that freedom was the key to happiness, and he was the living proof to his theory.


4) Nelson Mandela 

Nelson Mandela is known to be the father of Africa. He is a man who served most of him time in prison, but managed to change the minds of millions of people around the world. He is warrior, a hero, an angel and a great leader.


5) Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa is the true definition of a christian. Not the christians who go to church on Saturdays and Sundays, but the true christians who put put God first and walk in his footsteps. Mother Teresa’s love and compassion for humans and most of all the poorest of the poor, is what makes her such an inspiring person.

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