I woke up at 06:30 to take a shower and get ready for work. I had 10 hours of sleep last night, but I still woke up feeling exhausted. I have to keep on reminding myself that I really need the money before moving to Moss.

Anyway… my friends and I went to the  movies. We finally got to watch Man of Steel! I am not a huge fan of super hero movies, but this one is an exception 🙂 I used to read my brother’s comic books when I was younger so I knew what superman’s story is all about, but all I was paying attention to during the movie was Henry Cavill. He is too sexy! 

henry-cavill All in all, watching Man of Steel was a great way to end my day, and it is a movie I enjoyed! 😀


Last day at work

This morning at 04:30 a.m, I turned off the computer at work and said goodbye for the very last time. After 1 year and 2 months of busy Saturday nights glued to a computer screen and having interesting conversations with customers, I had to say farewell to the best job on the planet.

Yes, there have been some stressful nights dealing with difficult customers, but there have also been many great and exciting nights 😀

The perks of being a cab dispatcher 

1)  Great pay! When I say great pray, I mean GREAT pay.

2) Multitasking. Working as a cab dispatcher has taught me how to multitask (a little). Whoever said women are good at multitasking has clearly never meet me! 😀

3) Good grades. I usually didn’t have to be a work before 21:00 on Saturday nights, and I never worked longer than 04:30. Instead of partying every weekend and killing my brain cells, I got to sit at a comfortable office, watch a movie, read a book or do my homework. I never have to worry about my job affecting my grades. At all.

4) Laughing. One of the main reasons I loved working as a cab dispatcher is all the funny, interesting, disturbing conversations that I have had with customers. This is what made my job fun and exciting. A day as a cab dispatcher is never the same as the previous, and it is never boring!

5) Safety. Working as a cab dispatcher is probably the most safest job on the planet. I have never meet any of the customers in person (which is a good thing especially when they are drunk) and I sat at a very comfortable office somehwere safe.

All in all, I have had a great experience working as a cab dispatcher, and I am going to miss it 😥



Guess who’s back?

I have a really good explanation as to why I have been absent for so long.

1) My macbook pro battery and charger decided that they had both had enough of me. So, right before my final oral exam, they both stopped working. I had to use my old Packard Bell laptop that is slower than a tortoise.

2) I had my final oral exam in sociology on the 14th. I had no time to blog or do anything else but cram my entire book. After 48 hours of preparation, I had my exam and I passed!

3) I spent the next two days sleeping, because I was just too exhausted after all that reading and cramming.

4) I officially graduated on the 17th and started working the very next day.


Natalie and I after graduation 😀


All friends minus 1 who was busy doing something else 😀


Waiting for our food to arrive 😀


Manu, Me and Natalie


The one thing we all agree on is that there is nothing better than Indian food!

As you can all see, I have been busy the last two weeks. I finally went to the city today and picked up my macbook pro and my new charger. I must say my bank account isn’t looking very good today.


Sad day for both me and my bank account…


Tomorrow will be my last day working as a cab dispatcher. (I will write more about my job as a cab dispatcher tomorrow while sitting at work :D) But as I mentioned earlier, I got my old job back just for the summer, at a grocery store delicatessen. It really feels good to be back again after almost two years! Besides, the job pays really well, and I need all the money I can get before I moving to Moss.

21 Things you might not know about me

1)  I am left handed.

2)  I have ADD and I pretty sure I have OCD.

3) I used to be a very, very, very shy girl.

4) I have watched all the episodes of Friends (tv series) over a hundred time, that I know most of the texts by heart.

5) I LOVE animals! Especially my beloved Arthur.

DSC_0002 DSC_0004

6) I have two older siblings who I love!

Abel and Selam

Abel and Selam

7) I moved to Norway when I was 14 and now live in a small town called Egersund with my mother.




8) Although I don’t have any tattoos, I have a slight obsession with them.

9) I am 179 cm tall (5 feet 9 inches).

10) Despite the fact that I am 5.9, I have small feet (for my height). I am a size 38.



11) Despite the fact that I love my friends and being around people, I also enjoy my own company and like having some time alone.

12) I love reading books!


13) I dont ever plan on getting my drivers license.

14) I am 19 years old and I still don’t know where my life is heading.

15) I have THE worst cramps when I am on my periods! The cramps I have are so painful, that I have to take a day or two off school and lie in bed thinking: “I would rather die than feel this way.”


16) I love children!


17) I cant stand having conversations with people who leave out important information or details.

18) I am a stress starver.

19) My biggest weakness is that I lack patience.

20) I currently work at a grocery store and as a cab dispatcher (part time jobs of course).

21) I am ADDICTED to online shooping!

Ohh.. and I am always smiling 😀