Guess who’s back?

I have a really good explanation as to why I have been absent for so long.

1) My macbook pro battery and charger decided that they had both had enough of me. So, right before my final oral exam, they both stopped working. I had to use my old Packard Bell laptop that is slower than a tortoise.

2) I had my final oral exam in sociology on the 14th. I had no time to blog or do anything else but cram my entire book. After 48 hours of preparation, I had my exam and I passed!

3) I spent the next two days sleeping, because I was just too exhausted after all that reading and cramming.

4) I officially graduated on the 17th and started working the very next day.


Natalie and I after graduation 😀


All friends minus 1 who was busy doing something else 😀


Waiting for our food to arrive 😀


Manu, Me and Natalie


The one thing we all agree on is that there is nothing better than Indian food!

As you can all see, I have been busy the last two weeks. I finally went to the city today and picked up my macbook pro and my new charger. I must say my bank account isn’t looking very good today.


Sad day for both me and my bank account…


Tomorrow will be my last day working as a cab dispatcher. (I will write more about my job as a cab dispatcher tomorrow while sitting at work :D) But as I mentioned earlier, I got my old job back just for the summer, at a grocery store delicatessen. It really feels good to be back again after almost two years! Besides, the job pays really well, and I need all the money I can get before I moving to Moss.


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