Last day at work

This morning at 04:30 a.m, I turned off the computer at work and said goodbye for the very last time. After 1 year and 2 months of busy Saturday nights glued to a computer screen and having interesting conversations with customers, I had to say farewell to the best job on the planet.

Yes, there have been some stressful nights dealing with difficult customers, but there have also been many great and exciting nights 😀

The perks of being a cab dispatcher 

1)  Great pay! When I say great pray, I mean GREAT pay.

2) Multitasking. Working as a cab dispatcher has taught me how to multitask (a little). Whoever said women are good at multitasking has clearly never meet me! 😀

3) Good grades. I usually didn’t have to be a work before 21:00 on Saturday nights, and I never worked longer than 04:30. Instead of partying every weekend and killing my brain cells, I got to sit at a comfortable office, watch a movie, read a book or do my homework. I never have to worry about my job affecting my grades. At all.

4) Laughing. One of the main reasons I loved working as a cab dispatcher is all the funny, interesting, disturbing conversations that I have had with customers. This is what made my job fun and exciting. A day as a cab dispatcher is never the same as the previous, and it is never boring!

5) Safety. Working as a cab dispatcher is probably the most safest job on the planet. I have never meet any of the customers in person (which is a good thing especially when they are drunk) and I sat at a very comfortable office somehwere safe.

All in all, I have had a great experience working as a cab dispatcher, and I am going to miss it 😥




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