3 reasons why I love youtube

1) Kid President  

Now here is a 10 year old who will restore faith in humanity! Robby Novak never fails to inspire and give me reasons to smile.


2) Superwoman

Lilly Singh aka Superwoman is an absolut inspiration. No matter how sad or how bad you feel, 8 minutes with Superwoman on youtube will turn your frown upside down.

3) kandee Johnson

Putting aside the fact that Kandee is such an inspiring and motivating person, she is also a very talented makeup artist! Whenever you need some inspiration with makeup or life in general Kandee Johnson’s youtube channel is the place to go!


THE bucket list

1)  Make a difference in someone’s life.

2) Travel around the world.

3) Drive across America from coast to coast.

4) Get baptized.

5) Learn how to fly an airplane.

6) Go sky diving.

7) Go bungee diving.

8) Get a diving license.

9) Learn how to ski.

10) Learn how to play the guitar.

11) Learn how to sew.

12) Learn how to ride a bike.

13) Learn how to speak French and Chinese.

14) Volunteer mission work any where in the world.

15)  Write a book.



One Life

All I have been listening to recently is One Life by Madcon feat. Kelly Rowland. This song has really got me thinking about life and how each life is a valuable gift.

You’re only getting one life, so live it up 
One life 
All you get is one life, so live it up 
One life

I tend to find myself stressing and worrying over things I can not control 99% of the time I am awake. And I can not even count the number of times stress and worry have woken me up in the middle of the night. Then it hit me the other day when I was packing, I only get one life! And this is it! This is my ONE life. Do I really want to waste my entire one life stressing and worrying over things that I have no chance controlling or changing whatsoever?!

Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise 
Listen to your heart 
And let your dreams fly 
Never give it up, up, up 
And even when you fog it up and give another try 
Never give it up, up, up 
You gotta beat it 
And when it rains it pours just stay the course 
Yeah, and even when you think nobody cares 
You gotta believe it gets better

Here is something I have learned over the last couple of years: I am my worst enemy. I tend to be too hard on myself and I tend to beat myself up a lot. I keep telling myself that this is the only way I can achieve my goals and get where I want to get to, but is it really worth if by the time I reach my goals I will have hurt and destroyed myself to the point where my achievement will bring me no pleasure or satisfaction?


And so the adventure begins!

Endless lists of things that need to be done, bought and organized before moving, packing, work, fear of what the future may hold, the butterflies in my belly, excitement of meeting new people and starting a new chapter in my life. I am confused and stressed!

29 days left!

29 days left!


Luckily, I have found a group of students that ran a business which helps students move all across the country! Now I don’t have to worry too much about moving all my kitchen utensils, beddings, books and clothes to Moss 😀 It will cost me some money, but that is the only reasonable solution for my situation. There is no direct train from Egersund to Moss. Meaning I will have to take and 8 hour  train from Egersund to Oslo and then change to trains from Oslo to Moss for another hour. This wouldn’t be a problem if I wasn’t moving with a lot of things, but I just cant imagine myself going through all that! Taking a plane will be the easiest solution, but also the most expensive one (with all that luggage).

This is how have I have come with my packing

This is how have I have come with my packing


Still have to pack my books

Still have to pack my books (they go everywhere I go 🙂 ) 

Having the day off from work today has given me the chance to get productive around the house. I got to sleep in until 10:00, I cleaned the house, did some packing and I had some time to read blogs and post something on my own blog!


I still have a lot of things on my To do list, so let me take advantage of my day off and get to it! See you soon beautiful people and always remember to smile! 😀

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