All packed up and ready to move

2 more days!!

It is amazing how fast time flies! Sometimes I wish I had the power to stop time (just a little while) and enjoy all the little moments in life that I tend to take for granted.


Just a random picture 🙂

Here is how my weekend looked like


I finally finished packing in the morning at 06:00 am. I ended up with 2 large boxes, 1 small box, 1 big suitcase and 1 big training bag.


Thank God for vacuum storage bags!

Ignore the little brown bag. This picture needs to be updated :D

Ignore the little brown bag. This picture needs to be updated 😀

I then had to go to work from 07:30 – 15:30


Saturday was my last day at Work (07:30 – 15:30). I had to stop by a sports store on my way home to buy myself a new pair of training shoes. I also had to make a quick stop at this really nice cafe in town and myself a can of Whittard Caramel Hot Chocolate.




My room is now empty, and I am not feeling very excited about leaving the place where I feel the most comfortable. There will be no more mother to cook me food and help me with my laundry 😥 I do love new adventures, but this adventure will be one that I can’t compare to any adventure that I have ever experienced. I have no idea whatsoever of what I should expect. All I can do right now is hope for the best!


I have to go back to work and return my work clothes and key card, buy some vitamin supplements from the pharmacy, pick my reading glasses and drive to the city to drop off my thing at the movers.



I will be taking the first train from Egersund to Oslo and then latter on to Moss.


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